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As an Ottawa Portrait photographer and wedding photographer, I get to meet a lot of different entrepreneurs – especially in the wedding industry. Brittany of Frid Events is a successful entrepreneur. Most notably, an Ottawa wedding planner and designer. She’s known for her big floral creations, stunning wedding designs (of course), sense of humour and social media presence. I’m so glad I got to take some portraits of this wonderful, photogenic entrepreneur.

After the shoot, Brittany wrote a little paragraph what she saw in the images that I wanted to share. For a little context: Brittany had just been on an amazing trip – travelling over Christmas to Thailand, Malaysia and Bali. She had just landed back in Snowy Ottawa and explained how she was feeling down. After an incredible journey, growing with new experiences and people, it’s hard to hop back into life and feel like your old self. As soon as she said it, I knew exactly what she meant because I knew this feeling all too well. After receiving her photos, Brittany saw something new in herself that she felt had never been captured:

I look different in these portraits. More mature. More introspective. Maybe a little less cocky. My whole experience has really knocked me down a few pegs and made me realize how small my life is in a world of 7 billion people with all their own ambitions, loves, challenges and losses. I feel change in my soul, for the better, and somehow, even though Agatha and I have never met, she caught it. Thank you, Agatha 

Brittany Frid – Frid Events

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