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          Agatha Rowland
          Ottawa Wedding Photographer

          When I started photographing weddings, I had no idea how far it would take me. I'm so honoured that hundreds of couples have chosen me to document their life's most memorable moments. I capture weddings with a documentary approach, making the images I create feel organic, natural and true to the day. I find myself most inspired when capturing love that sets every heart in the room alight.

          Thank-you for taking the time to view my work, I'm so glad you're here.

          Our Approach

          Our philosophy and approach to weddings has come from the last ten years – growing together while capturing hundreds of different wedding days.
          We’ve travelled far, moved across provinces and oceans, held our babies as they entered the world, and held the hands of our loves ones as they left it. These events and the big emotions that came along with them have opened our eyes wide to how precious and beautiful life is. How incredibly lucky we are to celebrate it’s big moments.
          We used to say something along the lines of how ‘we want to capture your day, photographing each moment as it’s naturally unfolds’. And although this is true (and likely on every wedding photographer’s website, in one way or another), it’s not what really matters.

          What matters is that on your wedding day, we observe.

          We observe how you’re feeling, your relationships with the people who surround you. We notice what you’ve invested in and what’s important to you. We’re doing this constantly on a wedding day, and it allows us not only to capture each moment, but to focus on the important ones – mum holding back tears, the favours you carefully designed yourselves or grandpa getting on the dance floor. It also allows us to adjust our own approach: If you need a calming presence in the morning when your nerves are high, we’re right there to chat. If you need us to adjust timing to ensure you can get a photo with all of your friends from school, leave it to us. We will guide you through your day with gentle reminders to take a deep breath, slow down and enjoy it all.

          Every wedding is as unique as the couple’s celebrating them.

          So we never approach a wedding day with a set of ideas of list of photographs that we ‘need’ to capture. Instead, we go to every wedding with a fresh set of eyes and an open heart. We’ll capture all the big and tiny moments – because each and every one is beautiful, fleeting, and entirely yours.


          After having some time to reflect on the crazy events last weekend, I just want to send you a heartfelt thank you for everything you did for me last Saturday. From the perfect timeline you sent to me, to completely putting me at ease from the moment you walked in the door; I will forever be grateful! It was a day filled with a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, and you helped me feel completely at ease and so comfortable.

          To top it all off, the sneak peaks you sent us were absolutely breathtaking. I can’t wait to see what the rest of them look like! You and Liam make an amazing team, and you work so well together it really shows the love you have for one another.

          - SARAH & MITCH


          My wife and I couldn’t be happier with Agatha as our wedding photographer. Her aesthetic is unique. She captures moments differently than others. She knows how to find and play with light to make photos seem like stills of a distant, romanticized, memory. And she and her husband (the second photographer) hustled hard to make sure they got every single angle and landscape throughout the day. This is not your typical wedding photographer. Cherry on top that she is super easy going and pleasant to work with. Highly recommend.

          - TAREK & MELISSA


          I consider myself lucky that I was able to have Agatha as my wedding photographer. Agatha Rowland captured all of the perfect moments on my wedding day. She knew where to be at all times to ensure that everything was documented. Whether a look, a tear, a laugh or a warm embrace, Agatha was there and I now have the most beautiful photos that my family and I will look back on for the rest of our lives.
          If you go to her website, her photos speak for themselves. One of my favourite parts is that she will capture so many moments that you didn't even realize she was taking photos of. And later when I looked back at the photos with my family, it sparked conversation and I learned so many details about my day that I otherwise wouldn't have known had Agatha not captured that moment with a beautiful photo.

          - CARLY & BRAD