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About us

I love doing little things that make my family and I happy. I often think, at the end of our lives, what will be the things we look back on? And then I try to create those memories. Filling up our lives with happy moments that will one day make us smile. It motivates me to plan big trips, little adventures or just be spontaneous.

It also motivates me to do what I do: I get to create the visual memory that makes up a wedding day. Documenting the hundred little moments that you will look back on and smile

Despite being a photographer, the things that inspire me the most in the world are moments that can’t easily be captured in a photograph. Maybe that’s why I was drawn so much to photography – it’s an never-ending journey at an attempt of capturing these fleeting moments and feelings that we all experience but can’t really be described.

I find the art of capturing the energy of a wedding day very natural to me. I’m not in it for the simply pretty. I’m in it for the mix of nerves and excitement, the unexpected hiccups, the schedules that go awry, and the couples who throw their plans to the wind. Because there is beauty in all of it. Don’t get me wrong – pretty is and will always be lovely to photograph. I love string lit dinner parties, big beautiful floral arrangements and all of those incredible, mountain-top portrait shoots that seem to reproduce themselves on every wedding blog year after year.

But what I’m really enamoured with is capturing the relationships, moments and feelings from a wedding day. The energy of the celebration that will one day – 10, 20 or 30 years from now – come rushing back as you look at your photos.

Our Approach

capturing MEANINGFUL moments


Our philosophy and approach to weddings has developed from the last ten years – growing together while capturing hundreds of different wedding days.

Our Approach

We’ve travelled far, moved across provinces and oceans, held our babies as they entered the world, and held the hands of our loves ones as they left it. These events and the big emotions that came along with them have opened our eyes wide to how precious and beautiful life is. How incredibly lucky we are to celebrate it’s big moments.

We used to say something along the lines of how ‘we want to capture your day, photographing each moment as it’s naturally unfolds’. And although this is true (and likely on every wedding photographer’s website, in one way or another), it’s not what really matters.

What matters is that on your wedding day, we observe.

We observe how you’re feeling, your relationships with the people who surround you. We notice what you’ve invested in and what’s important to you. We’re doing this constantly on a wedding day, and it allows us not only to capture each moment, but to focus on the important ones – mum holding back tears, the favours you carefully designed yourselves or grandma getting on the dance floor. It also allows us to adjust our own approach: If you need a calming presence in the morning when your nerves are high, we’re right there to chat. If you need us to adjust timing to ensure you can get a photo with all of your friends from school, leave it to us.

We will guide you through your day with gentle reminders to take a deep breath, slow down and enjoy it all.

Kind Words

She knows how to find and play with light to make photos seem like stills of a distant, romanticized, memory.

My wife and I couldn’t be happier with Agatha as our wedding photographer. Her aesthetic is unique. She captures moments differently than others. She knows how to find and play with light to make photos seem like stills of a distant, romanticized, memory. Liam and her hustled hard to make sure they got every single angle and landscape throughout the day. This is not your typical wedding photographer. Cherry on top that she is super easy going and pleasant to work with. Highly recommend.

– Tarek & Melissa

Two of the most calming people to be around.

The photos were absolutely stunning! Unbelievably stunning! She took the time to notice all the little things we had done to make our wedding unique to us, and she was sure to capture them. Not only are the portraits and ceremony/reception photos beautiful, they took photos of the guests having a good time too. We got to see all the little moments we wouldn’t have otherwise seen! They took our inspo photos and recreated them beautifully.

For the day: they were two of the most calming people to be around. You really need the calming energy on the day when everyone is running around asking a million questions, they were so wonderful to be with. During the reception and ceremony, I don’t even remember seeing them, yet they captured every moment beautifully

-Rebecca & Garrett

It was like watching our wedding day unfold before us again

For two people as indecisive as me and my husband, it was surprising how quickly we knew that Agatha was the right photographer for us. We wanted a documentary-style photographer who could capture the emotion of the day, work in low light—our wedding was at the end of November—and help direct us while shooting.

We are so ecstatic about the photographs. As we flipped through the collection that she sent us, our hearts must have grown 50 times their regular size. It was like watching our wedding day unfold before us again, including moments that we didn’t even get to see in person on the day of!

Simply put, Agatha is such a gem to work with. We cannot thank her enough for giving us the most beautiful mementos from our wedding day. We will cherish these forever!

– Amanda & Jason


I shot my first wedding in 2008. But I’ve been capturing weddings full-time since 2014.

Of Course! I will help in any way I can to ensure you have the best experience all day. I’m not a wedding planner, but I’m happy to help create a schedule that allows for great photos and minimal stress.

6-8 weeks after the wedding day, but I send out sneak peaks within a few days.

Nope! You pay for my services and that includes the printable image files delivered via downloadable online gallery. I always recommend to couples to use our professional printing series so that you’re images stand the test of time, but you are also welcome to print anywhere you like. (Just note – I cannot guarantee colour or quality of the finished project printed outside our lab.)

Definitely not! This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the previous question. I know some photographers watermark their images so that you can purchase the final photo (unwatermarked) after the photos have been delivered, however my packages include all the printable image files.