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        Agatha Rowland

        Despite being a photographer, the things that inspire me the most in the world are moments that can’t easily be captured in a photograph. Maybe that’s why I was drawn so much to photography – it’s an never-ending journey at an attempt of capturing these fleeting moments and feelings that we all experience but can’t really be described. I find the art of capturing the energy of a wedding day very natural to me. I’m not in it for the simply pretty. I’m in it for the mix of nerves and excitement, the unexpected hiccups, the schedules that go awry, and the couples who throw their plans to the wind. Because there is beauty in all of it. Don’t get me wrong – pretty is and will always be lovely to photograph. I love string lit dinner parties, big beautiful floral arrangements and all of those incredible, mountain-top portrait shoots that seem to reproduce themselves on every wedding blog year after year. But what I’m really enamoured with is capturing the relationships, moments and feelings from a wedding day. The energy of the celebration that will one day – 10, 20 or 30 years from now – come rushing back as you look at your photos.


        Where are you based out of?

        How long have you been shooting weddings?

        Will you help us with our timeline?

        How many images will we receive?

        How long does it take after the wedding for the photos to be delivered?

        Do we have to purchase the photos you take above and beyond the collection rate?

        Will you watermark the images?


        I am based out of Ottawa, Ontario. (Well, to be specific – Aylmer, Quebec! But the majority of my weddings are Ottawa-based.). I photograph weddings all over Ontario & Quebec (& occasionally beyond!).