For the Venue: South Pond Farms

I wrote a small blog post that can be found on the South Pond Farms website I did for future couples considering or who have booked a wedding at the Farm!:

Can places be photogenic? Because if they can, South Pond is definitely one of those places. It’s a photographer’s dream venue as far as Barn Weddings go. It’s always beautifully styled, with lots of light, and a ton of different locations for creating beautiful portraits.  Although your photographers can arrive at South Pond the day of your wedding and capture your day with some incredible photos – there are a few tips and advice that you can implement for your South Pond wedding that will help your photographer capture your day in the most beautiful way possible.

1. Getting ready.

Some of my favourite moments on a wedding day happen while getting ready. To capture it the best we can, there are two things photographers will usually recommend couples think about when they’re planning this portion of their day: the location and the lighting.
The location of where you both get ready is really important. If you’re able, I always recommend being as close as possible to each other and the venue to ensure there is no unnecessary stress getting to each other on the day.
The best part about shooting brides and grooms getting ready at South Pond Farms is the gorgeous Guest Cottage. It’s not only on-location (so no worrying about coordinating getting between locations) but it’s big, bright and perfect for make up, hair and flattering photos.
untitled-1-4South Pond Farms weddingWhich brings me to my next point: the lighting. This is one of the most important things you can do to help your photographer take incredible photos. In fact, it’s what your photographer thinks about all day long. Lighting is the key to great photos, and so if you get ready in bright spaces – with lots of natural light, your photographer (and hair & make up artists) will definitely thank you. It’s much easier to capture each moment and create beautiful photos.
For whoever doesn’t get ready at the Guest House, another amazing space you can rent for your other half to get ready in is Iron Horse Ranch – a big timber frame log home just minutes from South Pond. Another space with big windows, lots of character (and a few goats to keep you company!). In fact, photos from Iron Horse are some of the images I show clients as an example ‘what to do’ in terms of picking a great space to get ready in.
untitled-2-copySouth Pond Farms

2. Scheduling your Ceremony

Outdoor ceremonies are some of my favourite to capture and the ceremony spot overlooking the pond and rolling hills at South Pond doesn’t disappoint. There is really not much you need to do to ensure a beautiful ceremony – it’s all already there for you. You’re welcome to add any custom details to create a ceremony of your own, but those rustic log benches for guests and the beautiful backdrop of the landscape are really all you need. The only recommendation for the ceremony I have is the timing. As a rule of thumb, the closer the ceremony is to sunset, the more flattering the lighting. I know most ceremonies need to happen before dinner, so around sunset time doesn’t work for most mid-summer weddings – but if you can, try and avoid the hours between 10am-3pm to ensure you get that lower, more flattering light. This way, us photographers can capture you, the surroundings and your guests with ease (and as a bonus – you and your guests won’t be squinting through the whole thing!). As an example, The photos below are from a South Pond wedding in July with the ceremony at 5pm.
South Pond Farms South Pond Farms South Pond Farms South Pond Farms

3. Your Reception

South Pond Farms Reception

Again, like most things as South Pond, your reception will be beautiful weather you add a lot of decor or leave it simple with South Pond’s decor. I find most couples like to add a few personal touches – from guest books to seating charts to extra flowers or table settings. But the one thing that can add a bit of extra warmth to your photos is lighting on the tables. Even some simple mason jars with tea lights can create a bit of that extra lighting a photographer loves in order to capture the ambient warmth of your reception.south-pond-farms-1-25 South Pond Farms

4. Set a slot of time for Sunset photos.

South Pond Farms If you want those beautiful low light photos, you’ll want to schedule a few minutes of portraits just before the sun sets. Some photographers like to shoot that warm glow just before the sun sets, and some love that soft light of just after it’t gone down. Just ask your photographer when they recommend your sunset photos be and they’ll let you know when they can get the best photos. You only need a few minutes between your speeches and sometimes it’s a nice little break for a moment ‘alone’ during your busy reception.South Pond Farms

5. Place your photographer close to the action

South Pond Farms BethanyAlthough there are usually no posed images during your dinner and speeches, this is prime time for photographers to capture some candids. The reactions to the speeches and interactions between guests are much easier to photograph the closer we are to you. So when thinking about seating arrangements, if you’re able to – the closer your photographer is to the head table the better.

South Pond Farms

South Pond FarmsSouth Pond Farms


6. Most importantly – Relax and Enjoy!

South pond FarmsDon’t sweat the small stuff: Don’t worry about the forecast (trust me – rain is romantic!) and let you’re dress get dirty. Think of your wedding as less of an event and more of a big party for you and your closest family and friends. There are plenty of traditions – from cake cutting to first dances to formal wedding parties – that the wedding industry told us at one point we needed to include. But in reality none of these are essential to the real purpose of the day (for you to get married!). So have your wedding how you want to. Include what you want to include and enjoy all of it.

You’re photographer will capture each fleeting moment so you can look back on all those little memories. I’m sure you’ve heard this enough, but it passes quickly so soak it up and enjoy every moment. You’ve picked a great venue so embrace, relax and enjoy your wedding day at South Pond.
South Pond Farms South Pond Farms
South Pond Farms South Pond Farms